Speech Competition rule 演講比賽 規則

目的: 選拔學生代表參加校外演講比賽
Purpose: Select students to represent school for the outside competition.
每位學生只能代表學校參加一項校外演講比賽。第一名學生代表參加ACS,ACS滿額後將代表參加慈濟演講比賽.若有放棄名額, 學校會按照成績自動補上直到補足參賽配額。, 由於主辦單位有不同的年齡組和 不同的名額數量,學校會按照主辦單位規定的年齡及校內選拔的成績作出決定派學生代表。
Student Representatives Selection:
Each student can only represent MD for one competition. The first place student will be representing MD to attend ACS and it continues on till the quota for ACS being filled up and then students will be representatives to attend Tzu-Chi. In the event of anyone forfeiting his/her right, the runner-up will take the spot till the entire quota being filled up. (School will decide upon the rules of the hosting organization to send representative students.) Our school will designate the representative students according to their age groups and number of participants that regulated by the hosting organizations.

選拔賽日期與時間: 2020年2月29日星期六早上10點
Date/Time: 10am on February 29th, 2020

參賽資格:凡明德學校在學學生,年齡在五歲(12/31/19 滿五歲)以上皆歡迎參加,共分四組:1.低年級組(九歲以下)2.中年級組(9(含)~13歲)3.高年級組(14(含)~17歲)4.CSL組(家中不說中文)
Qualification: Ming De students age 5 (5 after 12/31/19) and above are all welcome.
4 groups:1.lower grade (under 9)2.Middle grade(9~13)3.Upper grade(14~17)4. CSL (Chinese as 2nd language)

鼓勵參加請學生能把講稿背下, 但沒有規定一定要背稿。 (原則上學校鼓勵學生們儘量為原則,背稿可增加演講的流暢度。)
Audition topic: Students prepare their own speeches. We encourage participants to memorize their speeches, but it’s not mandatory. We hope to see more students get involved.

演講時間: 兩分鐘到三分鐘
Speech time: 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

演講次序: 按不同組別進行,當場抽簽決定。
Sequence: By drawing on the day of speech contest in different groups.

評分項目: 發音;表達技巧;流暢度;儀態
Scoring criteria: pronunciation, intonation, speech delivery/phrasing; Appearance/attitude

評審裁判: 邀請校內外具有評審經驗之人士擔任
Contest Judges: We will invite members from Chinese schools and the Chinese community.