Speech Competition rule 演講比賽 規則

Purpose: Select students to represent school for the outside competition.

Student Representatives Selection:
Each student can only represent MD for one competition. The first place student will be representing MD to attend ACS. In the event of anyone forfeiting his/her right, the runner-up will take the spot till the entire quota being filled up. (School will decide upon the rules of the hosting organization to send representative students.) Our school will designate the representative students according to their age groups and number of participants that regulated by the hosting organizations.

Date/Time: 10am on March 11th, 2023

Registration link: https://forms.gle/aRwswwjfEddKn7sF9

Registration Deadlines: March 8th, 2023

Qualification: MingDe students age 6 (6 before 9/1/23) and above are all welcome.
There are 3 groups, divided by age:

  1. Lower group (under 8)
  2. Middle group (9 to 12)
  3. Upper group (13 to 17)

Audition topic: Students prepare their own speeches. We encourage participants to memorize their speeches, but it’s not mandatory. We hope to see more students get involved.

Speech time:

  1. Lower grade group: one and half minutes to two minutes
  2. Middle grade group/Upper grade group: two and half minutes to three minutes.

Sequence: By drawing on the day of speech contest in different groups.

Scoring criteria: pronunciation, intonation, speech delivery/phrasing; Appearance/attitude

Contest Judges: We will invite members from Chinese schools and the Chinese community.