Registration Guide / 註冊須知



We teach traditional Chinese characters and the phonetic alphabet (Zhu Yin Fu Hao). We offer Grades 1-10, as well as a Conversation Class and a beginner Phonetic Class. Students registering for the Phonetic Class must be born after 8/31/2019.
本校以正體中文(繁體字),注音法教學。班別有注音班,會話班及一到十年級。學前班新生必須於 2019 年 8 月31 日前生日。

In-Person Instruction
Saturdays, 9AM – 11:30AM (three 45-minute classes with two 10-minute breaks)
School Location:
150 Louella Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087


  1. Please click on the link below for registration. Fill out and submit the form.
  2. Print out the confirmation email and issue the check- mail to the school mailing address.
    MingDe Chinese School
    1013 Ballintree Lane
    West Chester PA 19382
  3. Registration postmarked on or before 6/3/2023 will receive a $30 early bird tuition discount.
    6/3/2023 以前報名享有$30早鳥註冊優惠,以郵戳為憑。
  4. If a returning family would like to enroll a new student, please add the new student’s information onto the returning family’s registration form.
  5. Enrollment for returning students is guaranteed if registered by 6/3/2023.
    舊生名額保障: 本校舊生於 6/3/2023 前完成註冊,校方將保障其名額。之後登記註冊之舊生,如因新生報名踴躍,以致班級人數額滿(每班 15 人為限,本校則無保留其名額之義務 )。


  1. Annual tuition 全年學費(共30週): $710 (30 weeks)
    ** Early registration discount: A $30 discount applies to each student enrolled by 6/3/2023.
    早鳥學費優惠: 6/3/2023 前註冊,每位學生可享學費折扣$30。
  2. Additional fees (per family) include 其他費用
    a. Registration processing fee (per student) 報名費 (每位學生): $25
    b. CCAGP membership fee (per family) 會費 (每個家庭): $25
  3. Write ONE check for the total amount (annual tuition & fees).
    ** The check should be payable to MingDe Chinese School.
  4. Mailing address 支票郵寄地址
    MingDe Chinese School
    1013 Ballintree Lane
    West Chester PA 19382


Refund policy:

If the class cannot be started due to insufficient enrollment (below 4 students), the full tuition and fees will be refunded (including the $25 registration fee and $25 CCAGP Membership Fee).
如因該班報名人數不足(4人以下)無法開班,將全數退費(包含$25 報名費), 如已領取書本,將扣除$50書本費。
Please refer to the following table for the refund policy. The $25 registration fee and $50 textbook fee are non-refundable. If you already received the set of textbooks, $50 will be deducted from the payment.

Dates of WithdrawalUp to 9/16/20239/17/2023– 10/07/202310/08/2023– 12/16/202312/17/2023
and beyond
Annual Tuition
100%75%50%No refund
CCAGP Membership Fee
100%100%No refundNo refund

Procedures for withdrawal & refund request:

  1. Contact school administration and teacher. Once processed, refunds will be issued within 1 month.
  2. Ensure that the mailing address provided at registration is accurate. The school will mail the refund check to the address provided. If, for any reason, the family does not receive the refund check, the family will need to pay $35 to stop payment of the issued check before the school can re-issue another check. 請確認回郵投寄地址。學校寄出支票之後,若家長沒有收到回郵,而要求學校再補開退費支票,家長需繳$35止付已開支票,學校才能重開退費支票。


Class placement:
Students are placed by the school administration based on class size and student age. New students are accepted and placed by filling available vacancies. Information regarding class assignment and other pertinent details will be mailed out by the end of August.

Transfer students:

  1. Students transferring from other Chinese schools or from home-schooling in Chinese will need to take a placement test to determine class assignment.
  2. No transfer students will be accepted after the 4th week of the school year, except for the following circumstances. Transfer students are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    a. Recently moved to the Greater Philadelphia area. 剛搬到費城地區
    b. Interviewed and accepted by school staff. 經學校行政人員面談審核通過
    c. Space available in class. 班級人數未滿
    d. Consent from the class teacher. 經該班老師同意
  3. Students who complete the transfer process before the first semester will pay the full amount of tuition and fees. Those who complete the transfer process after the end of the first semester will pay 50% of tuition and full amount of other fees. Please refer to the “Fees” section above for more details. If students later decide to withdraw, it will be processed based on school’s “Withdrawal & Refund” policy.
    上半學年轉學生全額收費。下半學年轉學生學費部份繳 50%, 其他費用全額收費。請參考相關 收費標
  4. Welcome letters and information about the school year will be emailed out in late August. For more information or questions, please contact school administration. MingDe Chinese School reserves the right to modify the registration policy at any time and for any reason, with or without notice.
    變更註冊條例之權利, 若有變更,恕不另行通知。