No School Feb. 8th 2020

Dear all:

As you were informed in our last announcement on the corona virus issue that it was much less likely our Saturday Chinese schools would be affected, since most of our member families are not of Mainland China by “origin” and the holiday travels to Mainland China was much less likely.

However, due to the significantly elevated concerns from CDC and WHO on the spread of the virus and new cases in countries outside of China, our CCAGP and MD/DH schools have reached the decision to cancel our Saturday Chinese schools and Culture Programs for tomorrow, February 8th, 2020.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully. We request for those who recently traveled to those countries besides Mainland China, especially to Hong Kong, Macau and Philippines, even re-entered US without problems, please refrain yourself from attending the Chinese schools for 2-3 weeks.


Administrative representatives of CCAGP and MingDe/DingHao Chinese Schools