First Season – Karaoke Contest

on 12/17/2016,  MingDe Chinese School held the first Karaoke contest for all students and their family members. We had 13 teams altogether from Kindergarten class to 9th grades as well as conversation class. Every participants did a wonderful job considering Chinese language is their second language. We hope that through the karaoke contest students would be more interested in Chinese learning. Here are the winning teams. Two of the winning teams would be invited to perform during the Chinese New Year Celebration (1/28/2017) and three other teams would be performing during the Commencement ceremony (6/3/2017).

1. Chinese New Year Performers:

  • Nicole Paone & Ryan Paone
  • Sharon Hsu

2.  Commencement Ceremony Performers:

  • Isabel Liu  
  • Alexis Cho
  • Natalie Chen