First Day of School – 9/10/2016

Dear Parents:

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We will be glad to see the returning children and their parents and am looking forward to meeting the new students and parents. MingDe 2016-2017 school year is starting soon. Please mark your calendar for the following events:

  • The first day of School is Saturday, September 10th
  • Open house is Saturday, September 17th

Below are some reminders:

  1. The regular school hours are from 9:00am to 11:30am. Please make every effort to let
    your child attend each class on time and bring your child to the assigned class to meet
    the teacher.
  2. All teachers will distribute textbook and related material to students who completed
    the registration process.
  3. We are renting the Radnor Middle School’s facility for running our Chinese school’s
    affairs. Please show your respect and cooperation when you are in the building,
    especially in the classrooms. Please do not throw trash, and use, touch or move things in
    the classrooms. If you have to move any of desks and chairs around, please put them
    back in the original condition after class for the RMS teachers.
  4. When classes are in session, no parents are allowed inside the classroom, except for
    the parent on classroom duty. Please show your support to your teacher in every way
    you can.
  5. For safety reasons,please remind your kids that there is no running in the hallway
    during break times. If your child damaged any school property, you will be liable for
    replacing or repairing the damaged property.
  6. CCAGP will provide drink and snacks for parents in the parents room (Rm 305).


I look forward to seeing all of you!
Fang-Ping Chen