Chinese Speech Contest – 3/4

Thank all of MingDe families and teachers for your wonderful job in making the Chinese Speech Contest successful once again.  During the competition, the students impressed with us with their mastery of the Chinese language as they recited their speeches in front of a large audiences, including 3 panel judges: Mr. Chun Chung, Ms. Lii-Ying Chen, and Ms. Pei-Yen Shieh.

Here are the results of the 2017 school-wide speech contest. The first place winners of each group will be invited to present their speeches at the school commencement ceremony. Congratulations to the following students.


1st 袁美斯 Maisie Yuen
2nd 魏柏誠 Willies Waerig
3rd 周伊人 Caitlin Chou
Honorable mention 陳凯诚 Waerig Waerig
Honorable mention 凯溢恩 Ian Kaplan

低年级組(Lower grade group)

1st 潘延 Victor Pan
2nd 黃唯昕 Lola Huang
黃佳珍 Alexia Tubbs
3rd 劉冠廷 Ryan Paone
Honorable mention 施宥帆 Oliver Shih
Honorable mention 陳語婕 Vanessa Chen

中年级組(Middle grade group)

1st 黃佳美 Keira Tubbs
2nd 劉子維 Nicole Paone
3rd 林澤悠 Joe Lin
卓允勋 Augstine Cho
Honorable mention 余宥成 Mason Yu
Honorable mention 陳薇伊 Chloe Chen